Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 1 - Genuine Love of Christ - What a Reward!

This week I felt challenged by your posts and the devotional guide to love for love's sake.

Why do I serve? To love for love's sake.
Why do I worship? To love for love's sake.
Why does Jesus call me to be sacrificed on a cross? Love for love's sake. At the cross I'm given the exquisite opportunity to love so the cross is not a duty, but a privilege!

So if loving is the reward and through serving/sacrificing we love, then what does Jesus give servants who sacrifice? More opportunities to serve and sacrifice!!

My stubborn brain/heart wants to look for some other purpose or reward but the reward is simply to live, love, laugh, and serve like Jesus.

Today I celebrate this tremendous mystery - By absolute 100% grace His blood can flow in my veins and move me to the rhythm of love.

To be moved by love is to experience every imaginable spiritual reward!!

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