Thursday, March 24, 2011


This mornings reading really just made me rethink a lot of things. As I was reading I came across the line that says.."forgiveness is the first step of leadership". Ok, so I am not even going to try to hide it.. I am really bad at forgiving. When I hear about a friend talking behind my back or someone saying something mean or just doing something that I don't like, I tend to just allow it to consume me and ruin the friendship. But Jesus calls us to be much more loving than that. We are only human, and so are the people that hurt us, we cannot let disappointment in others bother us, because we will all fall short of God. So I guess I just really realized that those girls I can hear whispering about me from two feet away or the kids who through things at me or call me rude names in the hall are all made in the image of the same person I am.
So I hope that made sense to someone...

I MISS YOU ALL SOOO SOOO MUCH!!!! Feel free to give me a call anytime you are bored or want to talk, I want to catch up with everyone and hear how lives are going since the training weekend!

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  1. I totally understand and relate to what you are saying! That is such a good reminder that the people we refuse to forgive or hold grudges against are all made in the same image as we are! Thanks for sharing your heart!

    -Katie :)


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