Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Burning My Heart

"On the hill, outside of Jerusalem, at the foot of the cross, I feel an incredible tension and weight on the back of my neck when I imagine looking up into my savior's eyes. His mercy and love is so pure that it burns through His eyes to my heart. His romance burns with such intensity that I fear it will kill me and yet I feel Him bidding me to trust."

In these lines, I could literally feel the emotion expressed in the words pressing in on my heart. Although His love and mercy are almost too much to fathom; I can still feel the scalding burn of His holy romance even now. I can't even put to words how 'right on' this description of Christ's love is in my life at this moment....such and indescribable crazy feeling!!....I can only ask Him that he continue to stir this passion inside of me as he romances me from the cross.

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