Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Romanced by Death

"At His core, God's heart expressed in this world seeks to romance you through His body broken and His blood shed... He is seeking to be peculiarly attractive to you by His love poured out."

I echo Pearl's post... romanced by death? It doesn't make sense! And yet that is where I have found myself, particularly in the last week. Communion is such an incredible picture of the body broken and the blood shed, and I have been struck by how uncomfortably intimate it is to participate in. Jesus has made himself 100% accessible to me, to the extent that he invites me to (figuratively) eat of his broken body and drink his shed blood. I hear him say, You want to know my Father? Here; come. Eat of the bread and drink of the wine. Let my death and resurrection live within you. And then you will know intimately my Father and His heart.

Why would the bread of heaven (Jesus) be broken for me? Why would the cup of salvation be held up for me to drink? Oh Jesus, what a mystery! Why would Jesus command his disciples to "Drink from [the cup], all of you" (Mt 26:27)? I hear him say, Yes, Judas... even you. Yes, Peter... even you. Yes, Emily... even you. My blood is shed for each of you, even though you betray me.

He tells us to eat the bread and drink the wine in remembrance of Him (1 Cor 11:24-25). How can I not do it in remembrance of Him?! This body, broken for me, is what has given my life meaning, purpose, and passion. This blood, shed for me, is what has redeemed my soul from the pit of emptiness. The wine (grape juice) is sweet on my lips, and the bread is satisfying to my stomach. Infinitely more so does the death and resurrection of Jesus linger sweetly on my lips and provide nourishment to my soul.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus. You are peculiarly attractive to me by Your love poured out. You have romanced me - and continue to romance me daily - though your body broken and your blood shed. I am romanced by death!

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