Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Whole Heart!

I want to completely embarrass myself in praise for God! He deserves our everything. I often get really emotional when worshiping and singing praise, and I try to cover it up with sunglasses or by looking down, but God LOVES when we just completely let our guard down and focus on Him! It's not worth holding anything back. It makes me so emotional and confused and almost frustrated when I try to fathom how much he loves us and why, because we hardly deserve it.

It's so cool that God wants you for your heart, not for your knowledge or experiences. You just need to fully surrender yourself to Him and have FAITH. Kind of like what I was saying about not holding anything back in worship. HE WILL respond!!

I love when I'm reminded of how powwwerrful prayer is! Because I have been a lot lately. God is really moving in our lives, and I love when I realize and can recognize the areas He's working on. It's cool to know that God's in cotrol.

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  1. Joy I love this!!! I totally resonate with it!! We (I) need to stop taking ourselves (myself) less seriously and just lose it all in praise and worship of the One who deserves it!!!


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