Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh my goodness!

Hi! Unfortunately I haven't been blogging too much, but I thought I'd share a total God-moment that happened to me yesterday! Last night I was feeling pretty bummed; like with friends, school, soccer, etc. and was kinda just sitting feeling sorry for myself. I decided to pray about it and I did, and then go this urge to write encouraging letters. (I'm a huuggeee letter writer!) So I wrote a few notes to the girls on my soccer team and God laid a specific girl in particular on my heart. This girl, despite going to my Christian school, doesn't believe in God and I honestly don't know her too well. After I gave her the note, she kind of teared up and later wrote me back saying that the night before she had felt super alone and depressed and prayed to God that if He was real that He'd have someone giver her a note of encouragement. BAM! That hit me hard. Its crazy to think how God used me to speak life into this girl without me even realizing, or even more so; at a point where was feeling sorry for my own self! Anyways, that definitely encouraged my week and I just thought I'd share the awesomeness of God in my life! :)


  1. This is awesome, Katie! Way to befriend, encourage, model, AND challenge all in one fell swoop! Isn't it awesome what happens when we're obedient to the inclinations of the Spirit?

  2. Katie, awesome obedience and courage! Thanks for the encouragment!

  3. That is totally awesome!!!! Go God!!


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