Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey everyone!
I know i haven't posted yet but my internet hasn't been workin but yayy it finally is now! its sad how were all so dependent on it! :/ Anyways...this last week as been a major spiritual battle for my family. In a way it has been a positive thing but in our world's view... its pretty negative. It has been amazing how our devotionals have fit with our situation right now. Your probably thinking what is it?! what happened? so if your in for a story this is how it goes.
My dad is the Fire Chief in Stockton and recently he has been facing manyyy hardships at the workplace, battling with budget issues and problems with the people above him. Since he is in a leadership position he constantly under the microscope. (just as we are as Christians) Last August, he invited a couple if his co-workers to a leadership conference that is Christian-based. And also happens to be the number one leadership conference, according to Business magazine. Unfortunately, the city didn't agree with my father and a few other firefighters attending this because it was on taxpayers dollars anddd the fact that is was Christian based! So... this week he was put on leave... which means my dad hasn't been allowed to go to work this whole week and we are not sure as to what is going to happen next. He is under investigating technically for being a Christian! This conference has not been the only thing that they have disliked about him. They have been asking him to do things that he doesn't believe in and things that would hinder his firefighters so he has said no and it has made them upset. Even though my dad has done nothing wrong, this is the city's way to essentially give them a reason to get rid of him. I know this might sound crazy or scary that my dad and only source of income might be losing his job, but the best part about this is that as a family we are at PEACE with the whole thing! and its only because we have the Wonderful Lord on our side fighting for us! On Wednesday our devotional dealt with how you react when someone treats you with insult and disrespect. Do you choose to serve and honor that person or do you retaliate?! This totally fit because with all the hardship my father has been receiving, he has to just take it and continue to work and be kind and respectful to these people even though they put him through hell. So seeing this has shown me how he has been a great example as to how i should react in these kind of situations. God has revealed his power and loyalty to us as a family showing us that even though this wasn't in our plans, it was in His plans alll along!
Isn't it funny how God does things? ha Anyways, this week has been full of ups and downs and i honestly don't know how we would have survived through this with out Him. I know this might not have had alot to do about humility but i felt i needed to share anyway! :) all i can say is, no matter how hard satan tries to inch his way in to our lives in the oddest ways...we will always fall but Jesus is going to be right there to pick us up again! For my own spiritual growth it has been great for me to see how my parents have battled through this. It helps me realize that God really does have a plan and Purpose for me and that when those plans get tough, i know i can fight through it with Gods help! Just like Haley said, God really does LIKE us! and it makes me feel sooo good that He has his hands in everything that i do!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! It is such a blessing to hear how God is working in and through your family. It's clear that you are all firmly rooted and grounded in Him, and I pray that that would continue. Keep us all posted!

  2. Praise God for your family's peace! I think realizing God's power in this situation and not depending on your own control IS total humility. And letting his hands be on everything is a choice that definitely does bring peace when we actually let it. Thanks for sharing. ( :

  3. I will definitely be praying for your dad!


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