Friday, April 29, 2011

week 4

sorry I have been absent from adding to the posts, i have been bad about doing my devotional anywhere near the internet, so then i had the idea to just gather all my random notes and review the last weeks, so here is week 4.

4. Sacrifice

Monday: 1corinthians 4:9- Christianity is a team sport. I am kind of a guy that likes to do things on his own. Thus this concept is sometimes difficult for me, but lets think about whom the apostles were modeling after when they were at the end of this procession… yeah, Jesus was the prime example for them, and us. Jesus didn’t just sit on the sidelines and coach. He got his hands dirty (dirt+spit=mud=blind dude sees), sweat (sweating blood in the garden), and sacrificed more than anyone else ever will be able to. That is what made him such a good leader, and makes him so irresistible.

Wednesday: 2corinthians 4:14- Your Dead. I’m Dead. Excellent. What could be cooler than this! This is a huge load lifted from the shoulders of anyone who comes to know it. The way I understand this, I have no need to fear death ever because the part of me that is not worthy of a perfect god is already taken care of.

So who in their right mind isn’t going to be totally stoked about that? I haven’t any idea who wouldn’t be. Now, because I don’t have to worry about death, it is logical that I should worry about life, cause humans have to have something to fret about or we go crazy. So after worrying about life a little I realize that God has once again got me covered and I just have to continue with the die with Christ life plan. If that happens then I have not a care in the world or out of the world because I am soo wonderfully wrapped up in His arms. Which means the only thing left to fret about is a guitar.

Main point: how could I possibly perceive that I could come up with a better life than the one God wants for me? That’s just silly, it’s best to embrace and enjoy.

Friday: John 15:1-17. Today’s is just a prayer, and a simple thought that blows my mind.

My God oh my God, dwell in me so that I may abide in you. Without you, nothing. Within you, everything. Let my life be of nothing but service to your will. Word up.

mark 15:34- “ELOI, ELOI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?!!” – My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?.....

Jesus separated himself from God. I cannot bring myself to believe that anything else in all of creation could possibly be as painful as loosing the connection that I have with my creator. That is the fear of death. That is what Jesus did for me. Everyone dies, that isn’t the scary part. It is the separation from God that instills the fear into our souls. Jesus took that upon himself.

Blows my mind.

I. am. so. unworthy.

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  1. Unworthy, and yet determined to be worthy enough for Jesus to die for me (us). So cool.


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