Saturday, April 9, 2011

BEMC, Rinse and Repeat

I had a cool realization this morning when I was reading over my notes from the Sacrifice section this week, and it suddenly hit me: Jesus is befriending, encouraging, modeling, and challenging ME as we go through this study!

Genuine love of Christ - befriend
Sincere love for people - encourage
Humility - model
Sacrifice - challenge

His BEMC is absolutely perfect. Have you ever been befriended quite like He's befriended you? Has there ever been anything more encouraging that His blood poured out? No human model compares to His humility, and never has there been more of a challenge than the challenge to pick up our crosses follow.

And the whole experience is one big model to push us (dare say challenge us) to BEMC those campers (and our fellow staff!) this summer.

You win, Jesus, you always do!

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