Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So I was listening to a sermon the other day and heard a really good analogy for something that i certainly struggle with at times.

so i've yet to find a christian that doesnt feel as if sometimes God is just letting them sit and not moving them. its like we feel as if we need to always be doing something big and special for God. I know I saw this with my old highschool group, we would get back from a retreat or something, and just be on a complete high for God. Then one by one we would begin to get discouraged by what seemed to be a stagnant period.

Now imagine with me a slingshot. You have to pull back it in order to get the power behind your shot. You cant really pull it back as fast as it will go forward either.

Now apply that to your walk with Christ. God is sending you flying in a slingshot, but you have to go through the times when he is prepping you to be fired. Everything we have been reading about is what we have to focus on as we are being "pulled back". I know I have trouble with that cause, to be honest, I like it when God lets me loose way more than just being diligent and patient.
I feel like this has been said like 60 times before, but we must just learn to Abide.

anyways, that was something cool I thought I would throw out there.

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  1. Super cool analogy!

    Plus, the object being thrown by the slingshot is /completely/ passive the whole time. It can't do anything to make itself go farther, faster, more accurately. All we can do is just sit back and let Him do His thing.

    Abide, abide, abide!


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