Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Waassss up yo! So as i am going through my week it seems as though I am jus hitting little snags along the way. It is just petty minor stuff and i couldn't really figure out why these things were bugging me so much. I always go through this couple day phase when i get out of school because suddenly i don't have to think about school so my mind tends to wander and be my enemy. Then I was just thinking about how Jesus died for me and so on and so forth but then i realized something else. I often think about how amazing it is that Jesus died for me but then for some reason my thought process stops there. I realized how amazing the fact is that Christ is alive. When i thought about that, it changed my outlook. Suddenly I realized what Paul was talking about in 1st Corinthians 15 how without the resurrection of Christ Christianity is vanity. It changes everything when i was reminded that I was serving a living God. It also suddenly made me realize why the world should view Christianity as insanity. In every other religion in the world their prophets and gods are dead. In all their power and might they were not able to defeat death. So when people pray to other gods it falls on dead ears. When we pray to Christ he not only hears us but reacts to us by answering our prayers, even if the answer is no he still reacts by answering us. No wonder people struggle to believe this. Ultimately, when serving another god, you subconsciously know they are dead so you still are not ultimately having to surrender your life to that god. It is just AWESOME that we get to surrender ourselves to a living, breathing, just, and loving God. That gets me SO pumped for sure! That kind of God makes all my petty problems i was focusing on seem dead in comparison.

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  1. Yeah Cody!! You nailed it!! Thanks for the challenge to live today keeping in mind the reality of Christ's risenness not just 2000 years ago but also today!


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