Monday, May 23, 2011

passion and meaning

Here is another one from a couple weeks ago.

passion and meaning.

1 Cor. 6:19

This hits me so deep. I am a walking example of this scripture. Whenever I am walking diligently with the lord and exuding his passion my life has such meaning. Everything I do oozes purpose, and I can fail at nothing, but when I turn from him and try to do it on my own I drown in my own feelings of uselessness. You would think that after doing this once I would learn my lesson and not repeat, but without fail I find my way back to my same old mistakes and I’m sure God is just shaking his head and laughing. If he were to say something to me it would probably sound a little like “alright, I’ll be here to clean up after you’ve done your best my bullheaded child..” I am given constant reminders of this throughout my days that usually only get realized in hindsight. Here is one of my favorite small-scale examples, in laymen’s terms, that was smacking me in the head as I read this.

When I play a piece on the piano it takes a life of its own when I have some emotional meaning or story that I can convey through it. If I don’t have that emotion driving the piece, without fail, it seems lifeless and dead. Something like a zombie, moving and existing but not alive. It makes it so much harder to learn a piece when I cannot convey my feelings through it. Without meaning it is impossible to push myself to work on it. When I can add that passion the piece comes alive and thrives.

Now this might be a stretch, but the connection is there, in my mind. My life with Christ is a song with emotion, and my life without, a zombie.

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